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Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall in The Valley Of The Sun,

If you are like most people in the valley you are now enjoying the cooler days and still cooler nights now. As I drive around, I see so many people having garage sales, and doing yard projects and other outside chores that we have all been putting off because it’s been too hot. It seems to me that it is like spring cleaning in reverse from back east and the Midwest areas that have to wait out the cold winters until the spring. This is a time of year when valley residents take a collective sigh and quietly celebrate that we have made it through another hot summer. In a short time now, though, our thoughts will turn to planning and enjoying the holidays.

For my part, I enjoy hiking in the valley’s desert preserves, now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. On the weekends I have my "honey do" list of chores around the house.

In our business, it’s nice to have the cooler weather now to work in. Although there is still plenty of work to be done on valley home owners pools, the cooler weather presents the perfect opportunity to do some of the pool maintenance projects that are not possible in the hot summer heat, like pool draining, acid washes and tile cleaning. If your pool water hasn’t been changed in the last five years it probably should be. As your pool water evaporates every year and make up water is added, the mineral content of the water accumulates and concentrates in the pool. As this level builds up, it makes the pool chemicals less effective at maintaining the water. The cooler weather is the time to get going on your pool projects so you’ll enjoy easier maintenance and (possibly) lower chemical costs next summer. Another reason to do it now, is that some of the valley cities base your year round water rates on your water use in the first three months of the year. You might also want to consider getting  other pool maintenance projects done now. When was the last time the sand was changed in your filter? Or if you have a cartridge or DE filter have they been cleaned lately? If you are going to use your heater this winter have you fired it to see if it’s still working? ....Well you get my point.....

That’s all for now, gotta go and throw the football with my grandsons!